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Optimizing care, comfort, and safety with every patient we transport.

Who We Serve

We offer medical transportation services at Wheelchair, Gurney, Basic Life Support, and Critical Care Transport level of services to individuals needing hemodialysis, outpatient surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation appointments and assist with hospitals and facilities with emergency room and hospital discharges.

Available Services

We offer an extensive range of non-emergency medical transport services, including:

  • Wheelchair TransportationSecuring a ride for individuals who constantly use a wheelchair can be challenging since not all vehicles cater to wheelchair transport. Fortunately, our vehicles are designed to transport passengers in wheelchairs efficiently and comfortably.
  • Gurney TransportationFor individuals unable to leave the bed, gurney transportation offers a solution for them to travel to their needed destinations in a comfortable, upright position. We also utilize the gurney to transport injured patients to a facility.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)We conduct interfacility transport for patients requiring Basic Life Support (BLS) and continuous medical supervision. All our vehicles contain state-of-the-art equipment, such as defibrillators and pulse oximetry.
  • CCT-Level Transportation ServicesOur specially-trained professionals can render their Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) skills as we transport patients who are critically injured or ill. Our CCT-level transport surpasses the scope of paramedic standards to help preserve the life of patients in critical conditions.
  • Sporting Event StandbyInjuries are likely to happen during sporting events. Hence, medical transport and first aid responders must be readily available to optimize the safety of the athletes and anyone involved in the game. Our professionals will be on standby throughout the game’s duration.
  • Long-Distance Ambulance Transportation ServicesWe offer interstate non-emergency transport for patients requiring constant medical supervision throughout a long-distance journey. Our professionals guarantee you receive quality patient care no matter how far your destination is.
  • Bariatric Patient TransportOur vehicles can transport people with severe obesity safely to their destinations. Bariatric transportation is ideal for individuals weighing beyond 400 pounds, especially if they require assistance from medical practitioners.
  • Stair ChairWhen you or your loved one requires a stair chair to get to our vehicles safely, we can readily provide support. Our team consists of professionals trained to handle patients with mobility issues who need equipment such as wheelchairs or stair chairs for transport.

We also transport patients to their medical appointments, such as:

  • Chemotherapy AppointmentsCancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may experience side effects that make it unsafe for them to drive themselves to a facility. To help them overcome this problem, we offer non-emergency transport that allows patients to arrive at their chemotherapy appointments without much exhaustion.
  • Dialysis AppointmentsRegular dialysis is necessary for people experiencing kidney failure to purify their bodies from excess waste, salt, and water. Failing to undergo a dialysis session may pose significant health issues. Hence, we offer a transport service that takes dialysis patients to appointments conveniently and on time.
  • Radiation AppointmentsPeople diagnosed with debilitating illnesses may need to receive radiation treatment. We understand how commuting or driving yourself to a medical facility is not ideal for your health situation. Thus, our professional drivers are here to transport you to your appointment safely and comfortably.

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