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The responsibilities of a dispatcher include the following:

  • Dispatching an ambulance team
  • Answering calls concerning the need for non-emergency ambulance services
  • Establishing triage calls
  • Assigning calls to the appropriate units and providing units with the proper directions
  • Managing the patient care and trip reports
  • Ensuring the ambulance team covers all special events and fields shifts
  • Managing the coverage for open shifts whenever a crew member calls out sick by checking the availability of other crew members
  • Answering telephone calls with courtesy and professionalism
  • Managing unit deployment
  • Maintaining the accurate status of field units
  • Dispatching all responses and ensuring the units arrive on the scene on time (with at least 90% response time compliance)
  • Assisting in the collation and processing of completed trips for billing purposes (Night Shift dispatchers)
  • Completing all the other tasks assigned during the shift

The dispatchers must also demonstrate the following abilities and skills:

  • The working knowledge of clients and facilities
  • The ability to collaborate with coworkers, supervisors, and other healthcare practitioners
  • The knowledge of policies and procedures followed by the communication center and EMS systems
  • The geographic knowledge of the areas we serve
  • The ability to uphold the utmost discretion and confidentiality when handling sensitive information